.:: Kaprekar's routine emulator ::.

Digits : Select the appropriate radio button, so you have integers to the length you desire to play with.

Type a -digits integer : Type in the Input box an integer with at most four digits and then press the "Kaprekar's routine" button. In an appropriate column appears the steps of the "Kaprekar's singleRoutine" for the given integer. It depends on iteration required steps to find the "Kaprekar's constant" ().

Kaprekar's singleRoutine : For the whole number on the preceding Input box will appear in the appropriate column the process of finding the "Kaprekar's constant". After this procedure ends, a new random integer appears in the previous Input box. You can repeat this for ever. Excluding those composed of the same digits, you have options.

Kaprekar's allRoutines : As a result, you get "Kaprekar's routines" grouped in columns corresponding to the number of steps, required to find the "Kaprekar's constant" for each starting Integer. The headings of the columns show the total count of results.

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by : Tsakalidis G. Evangelos, April 2013. Placed in the public domain.
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